Customer Profiles

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  • At Home
    • Ken Pivak

      Ken Pivak is a Professional photographer, video editor and director in Los Angeles and helps run Digital 1 to 1, a online training service for aspiring photographers.

    • Thomas Neerken

      Thomas Neerken is a professional photographer based in Los Angeles.

    • Peta Johnson

      Peta Johnson is a professional actress living in West Los Angeles.

  • Small Business
    • Flux Business Communications

      Flux Business Communications, offers branding and public relations services.

    • Boom! Studios

      Boom! Studios is a unique publishing house specializing in high-profile projects across a wide variety of different genres. Their previous VoIP solution stuck them with poor call quality and dropped calls.

    • Incredible Features

      Incredible Features was faced with a dilema, as higher quality digital cameras are making their way into the market, the file sizes they shoot at are growing at an incredible pace.

  • Enterprise
    • eVox | Images

      The Evox Group is a family of companies dedicated to the creating and distribution of quality automotive content.

    • Sony Pictures Television International

      Sony Pictures Television International’s media marketing department creates promos, trailers and bumps for much of the international programming produced by Sony Pictures.

    • Happy Madison Productions

      Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison production office, is tasked with producing DVD special features, behind the scenes exclusives and website content for all of their feature films.