2016 Holiday Specials Ends December 30th, 2016

Mac Time Machine Backup Bundle Special: $45 Labor + Hard Drive at 10% offTime Machine Backup

Protect Your Critical Data Against Drive Failure by having us setup Time Machine Backup to automatically backup your critical data to an external USB drive.

•1TB Drive $80.99 + $45 Labor
•2TB Drive $107.99 + $45 Labor


Mac Tune-Up Special: $90Mac Maintenance
Computer overtime can get bogged down and start developing issues have CompuTech perform a Tune-Up to help optimize your computer.

Service Includes

•Installing security patches and OS X updates
•Check hard drive for early stages of failure
•Repair hard drive directory
•Repair disk permissions
•Purge temp, cache and logs files
•Rebuild Spotlight Index
•Install Microsoft Office updates (if installed)


RAM Upgrade Special: $45 Labor + 10% off RAM on eligible modelsRAM Upgrade
Help boost performance by installing additional RAM




SSD Upgrade Special: $135 Labor + 10% off SSD on eligible models*SSD Upgrade
Upgrade that old spinning hard drive to a solid state drive to boost performance drastically.

Service Includes Installation of SSD and cloning of data from working hard drive*

•250GB 2.5” SSD $116.99 + $135 Labor
•500GB 2.5” SSD $202.49 + $135 Labor
•1TB 2.5” SSD $382.49 + $135 Labor
•MacBook Pro Retina’s with PCIe SSD’s call for pricing

*If existing hard drive is failing additional charges may apply
**iMacs require an adapter and heat sensor that are an additional charge