FileMaker Database Development

FileMaker is a fully customizable database solution that can be used for many applications. It’s an easy-to-use and cost-effective database solution that effortlessly manages information for up to 250 users. FileMaker is easily customizable to work the way you do, whether you work on a Mac or PC, in an office, or out in the Sun! FileMaker’s easy customization is what has made FileMaker the one of the top selling database applications.

Complimentary Site Survey & Initial System Analysis

For prospective clients, we offer a complimentary Site Survey and initial system analysis. The Site Survey allows us to get to know more about your business, how you work, and how you want to your technology to work for you. We will ask you about your current systems and methods, compare that against your goals, and analyze your current system to determine what you need to make it work more effectively and efficiently.

Whether it is a simple Catalog or a full-featured custom solution, we can meet the needs of most any work environment.

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Improving and Enhancing an Existing Database

Do you already have an existing FileMaker database? If so, you know that FileMaker can do practically everything that you can imagine. However, it may not be programmed to do exactly what your database should do. Over time, a business can change its workflow and if the database is not updated to respond to those changes frustration can occur.

We can help solve those problems. Some ways we can help include:

  • Updating and streamlining an existing FileMaker solution
  • Adding new features, functionality, and improved user interface design
  • Upgrading to the latest version of FileMaker
  • Designing a new database solution
  • Integrating database solutions
  • Conversion or migrations from FileMaker or other databases.
  • Website integration of your data.
  • Addition of new technology such as barcode readers, scanners, or printers
  • Applying levels of security to sensitive data
  • Speeding up slow processes
  • Automation of manual tasks
  • Development of modular, reusable code
  • Reducing or eliminating duplicate data entry
  • Reducing or eliminating data entry errors
  • Building workflows that operate as your business does
  • Create reports and ways to view your data that helps with business analysis
  • Using the web so your customers can help themselves with data input and answering questions, reducing your workload.

What We’ll Need from You

The complimentary Site Survey and System Analysis require us to see all of your FileMaker files. If your data is sensitive, we provide guidance on how to make clones of the files or how to delete sensitive data before sending us the database files. In any case we understand the need for client confidentiality and that is why we are more than happy to provide a client confidentiality agreement upon request.

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FileMaker Pro Conversion, Upgrade, and Migration

If you are using an outdated version of FileMaker, not only are you missing out on dozens of new FileMaker features and improvements, but your version is probably no longer supported by FileMaker. Simply upgrading to a later version of FileMaker will help decrease development time in the future as the more recent versions will be increased in features, flexibility, and performance. With our FileMaker upgrade analysis you will receive a complete proposal containing an overview of your current FileMaker System and an upgrade strategy.

We can also help you migrate from other databases such as ACT, Access, Now-Up-To-Date, or even Excel spreadsheets. We’ve converted data from many different formats, so if the data can be exported, we can probably find a way to get it into FileMaker.

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